Summer Hair Care: Treatments

(All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me; I have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned.)

This post is the second installment of my Summer Hair Care series and focuses on some treatment products that I enjoy using on my hair year round but most especially during the Summer months.  Two of the products contain argan oil while the other one contains keratin; both those ingredients are ones that I trust to keep my hair in good working order as it is hard to maintain in general.  My hair has plenty of issues and isn't my best feature but with products like these I feel like I can tame my hair problems!

MaxCare Argan Oil Serum:  This serum acts as a heat protectant; it's silicone based and contains argan oil and linseed oil.  A little goes a long way, I use a dime sized amount to damp hair before I blow dry and to dry hair before I straighten or curl it (with either jumbo hot rollers or a curling wand).  I find that it's most effective when I apply it first to my ends and work my way up.  (I don't believe that this product is available in the States, I've only seen it here in Italy but I could be wrong.)

 Josie Maran Argan Oil:  This is my all around miracle product! It's 100% pure organic argan oil and I can't rave enough about it!  I've been using it in every area of my beauty regimen for the last 2 1/2 years and I don't ever want to live without it (especially on my face but more about that on a later post)!!! I don't often like to use heat on my hair, maybe once or twice a week at most, so I end up using this treatment more often than all others for that reason.  My damaged and color treated hair loves this stuff, it absorbs easily without leaving my ends feeling greasy.

Suave Keratin Infusion Serum:  This product contains keratin which is basically suppose to smooth and help defrizz hair; I find that it does help to both smooth and defrizz my own hair although on hot and extremely humid Mediterranean Summer days I find that it is less effective if I decide to wear my hair down.  If I tie my hair up (after I heat style it) it tends to work much better, mostly likely because my body heat doesn't end up aggravating my hair and causing it to frizz.

Full Disclosure:  All products in this post were purchased by me for review purposes, for any questions or concerns regarding this matter please refer to my Disclaimer/Disclosure page.

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